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MMA has gone from an underground sport to mainstream entertainment that features professional athletes and a formal rulebook. The sport has become incredibly popular, and betting action on the fights is almost as common as watching the match. However, like with any form of wagering, there are certain things to keep in mind before making a bet on an MMA fight. These include knowing the different bet types and understanding how to read the odds. In addition, it is essential to know if sports betting is legal in your jurisdiction.

One of the more common MMA betting bets is the over/under round total, which is set by the oddsmakers based on how long they anticipate a particular fight to last. Oddsmakers will calculate the expected number of rounds and then set the over/under at a price that is equal parts risk and reward. In MMA, the Over/Under is typically offered on both three-round and five-round fights. The over/under prices will be different for each, as they are based on the number of rounds in a given fight and the fighters’ styles.

Another MMA betting bet is the round bet, which requires a bettors to pick the exact round in which a fight will end. This type of bet is more precise than the over/under, and it can yield a larger payout if the bet is correct. However, a precise prediction can be difficult because there are so many variables in an MMA fight, including how quickly a fighter can get knocked out or submission.

When betting on a fight, it is important to consider a fighter’s record and how they have fared against their opponents. It’s also important to pay attention to the weigh-ins, as this can offer insight into how a fighter will perform in the octagon. For example, a fighter who has struggled to make weight may have extreme dehydration and can have issues with their cerebrospinal fluid, which can leave them more susceptible to a knockout loss.

Betting on a fighter’s way of victory is another great MMA betting prop bet, as it is based on the outcome of a fight. This can be in the form of a knockout, submission, or a judges decision (score). The odds on each are different, and it’s possible to win money by betting on either side of the line.

A way of victory bet is a popular MMA betting prop, and it offers a variety of different options. For instance, you can bet on a knockout, technical knockout, or submission victory. The odds are often higher for a KO victory, but you can expect to see some volatility in the betting markets for this option.

MMA Betting