MMA betting has quickly grown into one of the most popular types of sports wagering. The sport has gained massive popularity worldwide thanks to the UFC, but there are a number of other promotions offering exciting fights that can be watched and wagered on. In order to make the best possible bets on MMA, punters should always check odds and stats before placing their bets. They should also watch fight footage and look for the intangibles that can influence a fighter’s performance.

The first step in MMA betting is to find an online sportsbook that offers a range of MMA games. Then, navigate to the MMA section and choose the event you want to bet on. Once you’ve found the fight you’re interested in, select your bet type and enter your stake. Then, all that’s left to do is watch the fight and hope that your pick wins!

When predicting which fighter will win in a MMA match, punters should consider their opponent’s style and strengths. For example, a fighter with a wrestling background may be more suited to a submission-based fight than a striker. In addition, some fighters prefer a particular stance, which can give them an advantage or disadvantage depending on the other fighter’s stance. Taking these factors into account can help bettors decide whether to place a bet on the under or over of a specific round total.

Another way to place a bet on an MMA fight is by placing a bet on the method of victory. This is an important factor to take into consideration as it can drastically increase or decrease the payouts on a bet. For example, if a fighter is known for his knockout power, betting on the over on the method of victory could result in a large payout. However, if a fighter is known for a more gradual fighting style, betting on the under may be a better choice.

When it comes to MMA betting, it’s often smart to bet on the total rounds. This is an easy bet to make and can often offer higher payouts than picking which individual fighter will win a fight. However, it’s important to remember that the total rounds line is based on averages and will not always be accurate. So, be sure to study the fight film and compare the fighters’ styles before making your selection. In addition, beware of fighters who have suffered a KO loss in the past as they can become cautious and change their styles. This can cause them to lose their edge inside the octagon.

MMA Betting